Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 17, 2009


Tim Cook

It’s that magical moment every week, when we all come together to find out what’s been happening in the App Store.

As the TheAppleBlog raced through the past seven days, like an angry rhinoceros in a flak-jacket, we’ve gathered the best news from the jungle of fact, infused this information with our own vital opinion, and hurled it back at you.

The big news this week was that rockstar-cum-demi-god Apple CEO Steve Jobs dismounted from his golden pony, deciding to take some time to focus on his health issues. Stepping in as acting CEO whilst Jobs recuperates will be a gentleman named Tim Cook.

As the Internets rang out with thousands of voices asking who Tim Cook is, TheAppleBlog stepped forward and boldly proclaimed, “We’ll tell you who Tim Cook is and, furthermore, we’ll tell you why he’s fit to stand at the helm of Apple.”

Plus, while the aforementioned was going down on the Cupertino Campus, elsewhere, Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs), appeared live on CNBC and managed to rile the folks at the channel.

Meanwhile, over at the App Store this week, I’ve been looking at Mother Camp, QuadCamera and BoomBox.

MotherCampMother Camp ($2.99)
If you’re involved with the kind of projects than need project managers, and those project managers are somewhat web-savvy, who pride themselves on their organizational skills and encourage clear-lines of communication, you’ll no-doubt have come across Basecamp — an awesome tool for collaboration, asset-management and project planning. Mother Camp brings several core-features of Basecamp to your team’s iPhones and it’s so low-priced that it won’t impact on your project budget.

QuadCameraQuadCamera ($1.99)
The iPhone camera is dire. You know it, I know it, we both know I’ve whinged about it enough. However, there are tools that, while they won’t replace even the cheapest point ‘n shoot, will bring that vital injection of fun to your grainy iPhone camera. Lomography geeks may be pleased to note that QuadCamera effectively replicates the ActionSampler camera, capturing a moment by taking four pictures in quick succession.

BoomBoxBoomBox (free)
There are those moments when you’re sat in a bar, chatting with a few friends and, suddenly, you get the urge: to make this occasion even more perfect everybody absolutely must listen to the classic live recording of This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads. First get everyone in the bar to be quiet, then activate BoomBox — an app that lets you find and stream just about any tune you can think of, powered by Blip.fm — find the track and gather round as you all groove to the music drifting from your iPhone’s tinny speakers. Another perfect moment.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next Saturday with more App Store picks and musings. In the meantime, drop by the comments and let me know which apps you’ve been looking at.


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