Photos: Plug-In Vehicles On Parade!


A parade of 74 plug-in vehicles really makes you realize how entirely silent electric cars are. We stopped by Plug-In America’s parade in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday morning, which celebrated the upcoming presidential inauguration, and the procession would have been almost eerily silent if the participants weren’t all happily cheering. The trade group says the parade was one of the largest gatherings of plug-in vehicles ever.

We took these pictures of Tesla Roadsters, a variety of conversions (a Porsche speedster, a Miata, a Geo Metro) as well as green-car celebrities. Chris Paine, the director of Who Killed the Electric Car, gave a speech and was hanging out filming the sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car. “Reverend Gadget,” who told us his plug-in auto shop, Left Coast Electric, burned down three months ago, brought a converted Porsche Speedster, which uses lithium polymer batteries (though he wouldn’t tell us who the supplier was). Coby Skye and Gabrielle Weeks showed off their converted Geo Metro, created with parts they bought online, including deep-cycle lead acid batteries.


Reverend Gadget’s converted plug-in Porsche Speedster.

Director Chris Paine interviewing Reverend Gadget.


One of four Tesla Roadsters at the parade.


AC Propulsion’s eBox.

Tesla Roadster.

And another.


Phoenix electric truck.


A converted Prius from EnergyCS.

Coby Skye & Gabrielle Weeks converted plug-in Geo Metro


More Roadster.


A converted plug-in Miata.

Director Paine’s speech.

And they’re off — silently.


Kyle Neville

jealous of the tesla’s and porsche! But in reality I know that we need more affordable cars. It’s always inspiring to see electric car drivers get together like this, to network with each other and outreach to the public! I was recently reading this book “Two Cents Per Mile” by Nevres Cefo, and it was arguing that everyone who care about electric cars should get together and pressure the government into forcing Chevron to license out the NiMH battery. I know that lots of money has been put into developing li-ion batteries, but I still think NiMH batteries hold several important advantages. Imagine this parade infront of the white-house or the capital… like a million-person-march, but instead it would be a procession of hundreds of silent vehicles, mourning the absence of the NiMH battery.


there is only one car in teh world, my car PORSCHE 911. Greetings from Germany (Plochingen) near Prosche Zuffenhausen


The 356 speedster and the Elise (tesla?) are definitely my favourites. So awesome cars! I am just worried about the sound of the porsche.


These cars are awesome! I especially like the Pheonix pick up truck and the home made Geo Metro. 74 electric cars is a good start – we need a hundred times that in LA just to keep our pollution down, and a million of these cars world wide to combat climate change.

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