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Napster Warns Subscribers That Best Buy Will Have Access To All Data Unless They Cancel By Feb. 17

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imageNapster (NSDQ: NAPS) subscribers using the service after Feb. 17 will be giving the gift of data to Best Buy. In an “important announcement” sent to subscribers this morning, Napster warns that its October 2008 acquisition by the retailer means “any personal or other data that you share, or have shared, with Napster may also be shared with Best Buy and/or its affiliated companies.” Napster and Best Buy, which paid $121 million for the music service, promise to abide by privacy policies but the message doesn’t spell out how the data might be used by Best Buy or its affiliates, which could include the UK’s Carphone Warehouse. Using the account after Feb. 17 means you’ve agreed to the change, so anyone who wants to avoid the conflation of information needs to cancel by then. I’ll be doing just that.

2 Responses to “Napster Warns Subscribers That Best Buy Will Have Access To All Data Unless They Cancel By Feb. 17”

  1. That's a fair question. I'm not comfortable with the conflation of the two, especially since how it will be used isn't spelled out and, as you point out, since the affiliated companies aren't listed. I also might feel better about it if it started fresh and didn't include past actions. That's just me. Others may feel just fine about it. I'll try to get more detail. This post was based on an email to subscribers sent on a weekend morning.

    I agree about the data aggregation, something that will become prevalent as more consolidation occurs.

  2. why are you more concerned about Best Buy than Napster behaving with your user data?

    If they are law abiding about what they do with the data it'll be no better or worse than the current situation (given Napsters heritage I might actually be more comfortable with this move!)

    I'd be interested to know what the affiliated companies bit means. Is that companies who are part of the Best Buy group or random third parties they want to on-sell the data to (that of course is much more worrying)

    The only downside with agregation of all that data is as fewer companies hold more data on you their ability to do modelling improves…