Tweetdeck Funding…a Sign of Twitter Insanity

[qi:004] Some days you read something that makes you go: What the…? I got that feeling when I read Peter Kafka’s report that Tweetdeck, one of the many Twitter desktop apps that use Adobe Air and has been downloaded 250,000 times, is getting just shy of half a million bucks from New York-based incubator Betaworks. I’m not quite sure why! Though I think I understand — it uses, a service that shortens URLs to be exchanged on Twitter and is also backed by Betaworks. Since wants to mine the information associated with URLs being swapped around and build some sort of a value-add experience, this is a good way for them to get data from Tweetdeck. Maybe they want to flip this to Twitter — after all, Betaworks sold Summize to San Francisco-based Twitter last year and are shareholders. Otherwise, this investment doesn’t make sense. Why won’t someone else build a Tweetdeck-like offering? Or maybe it’s just a sign of Twitter-related insanity.