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Tweetie Gets Major Update, Brings Much to the Table

A little while ago, our own Olly Farshi took a number of full-featured Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod touch platform out for a spin, comparing each by features in a convenient table. His declared winner at the time? Relative newcomer Tweetie ($2.99, App Store), whose list of features blew competitors out of the water. At the time, fellow TAB writer Weldon Dodd brought up the valid complaint that Tweetie doesn’t remember where you were in the tweet stream on relaunch.

Today, Tweetie got a major update, which not only brings stream position memory on launch and refresh, but a long list of other improvements as well. Version 1.2 of the software brings lots of integration with outside apps and services, for instance, including Instapaper, for pictures, and StockTwits linking.

photo-11Usability improvements abound, including an optional landscape typing mode, a launch tweets number setting, a public timeline, persistent drafts across relaunches, cached avatar, location aware radius control, and image compression control. The GUI gets a boost as well, with a refined version of the app’s simple theme.

My only minor complaints are that landscape mode has to be turned on in the Settings panel for the app, and doesn’t activate automatically on screen rotation, and that there’s no way to turn off the app’s ability to remember your place in the tweet stream, an option which I’m personally not crazy about.

Still, if Tweetie was not your iPhone app of choice, it definitely should be now. On top of the new improvements, it already supported multiple accounts, following, unfollowing, favorites, and fully functional Twitter search, which meant I could say goodbye to the completely capable, but uneccesary Summizer app. Also, Tweetie 1.2 comes with PEE, which makes it priceless.

4 Responses to “Tweetie Gets Major Update, Brings Much to the Table”

  1. This was already my favorite Twitter app on the iPhone. I felt like it was pretty near perfect, and then they go and release an update that proves me wrong. Here’s hoping they continue to prove me wrong! Definitely worth $2.99!

  2. tweetie is hands down my favorite twitter client for the iphone.

    this update just makes it even sweeter – swipe to reply is so great i’m surprised i did without it for so long.