Second Android phone delayed “indefinitely”

Aussie electronics maker Kogan got a few folks excited late last year by announcing the Kogan Agora, the Android equipped smartphone that would be shipping near year’s end.  The company has been taking orders for a while and MobileTechRoundup co-host Matt Miller was excited enough by the Agora that he pulled his plastic out for an order.


Kogan head honcho today has announced that the Android phone would be delayed “indefinitely”, a nice way to say canceled.  He has cited the need “to ensure its compatibility with all future Android applications”.  It sounds like a meeting late last year with Google must have shed light on shortcomings with the Agora as far as future versions of Android are concerned.

This situation could spell trouble for other OEMs currently working on Android phones.  We recently asked where all the Android phone announcements were at CES 2009 and this might have something to do with it.  Is there the possibility that Android is such a moving target that lots of design work can be thrown out the window?  In any event this is not good no matter the real reason behind Kogan’s cancellation.

(The Age)


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