Green Data Center Startup ADC to Offer Cheapest Rates in California


Advanced Data Centers (ADC) announced this morning a record-breaking “Savings by Design” award from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). Awards are great and all, and the company’s energy-saving designs have been much publicized. What’s actually interesting about this news is what ADC plans to do with its award: opt for a lower rate with SMUD as opposed to a one-time pay out. “They gave us the option and we thought there was a lot more value in going to customers and saying not only do we have the lowest rate in California, period, but now it will be even lower,” Michael Cohen, president of ADC, told us.

In addition to saving on the energy they use, ADC customers will benefit from the data center’s energy-saving cooling, which they are charged for separately. The company calculates the cooling factor it charges to customers by multiplying the watts used per month by a factor related to Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Because the PUE in ADC’s center is very low (1.12), the company has warranted to customers that it will never charge more than a 35 percent cooling factor, according to Cohen.

The company estimates the center will be commissioned and fully operational by late 2009, and plans are already in the works to build a second center on the same plot of land in Sacramento. By that time, Vertal says the company may be looking to DC power to deliver more efficiency gains. “We’re all sort of waiting for the pieces and parts to be UL-listed and then I’m sure someone out there will build a DC-only data center,” he says. “I’m looking forward to doing that in a center, and I hope to be able to do it with the next one.”

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