Daily Apple: Pre School, Mac Hits & Misses, Circuit City Sunk

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Apple-branded Game Console Reason for OS X Trademark? – They base the theory on the existence of three flavors of OS X, the third of which is not yet clearly defined. TG Daily thinks it’s a console-based version of the software, for which hardware is still forthcoming.

Lessons to Learn from Professor Pre – Engadget posted a long, well-articulated list of what lessons Apple could learn from the recently announced Palm Pre. As long as they don’t learn how to let their products languish in neglect for years on end, I’m happy.

The Mac at 25: A Retrospective – This year marks Apple’s 25th anniversary, and Computerworld is marking the occasion with an extended look back at where they’ve shone, and where they’ve fallen a little flat. The bit about MacPaint/MacWrite brings back memories.

Apple App Store Reaches Half-a-Billion Downloads – If one were more suspicious in nature, one might think that Apple’s frontpage announcement of having reached 500,000,ooo downloads of the more than 15,000 apps in the App store was meant to draw attention away from other news. If one were so inclined.

Circuit City Goes Down, Seeks to Liquidate – It’s not every day that a major U.S. retailer decides to close up shop and call it quits for good, but today is one of those days. The Motley Fool thinks some pieces might survive, but the whole is gone.

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