Daily Apple: Crazy Fake Steve, Atomic Mini, Knife Music, and 4G


Dan “Fake Steve Jobs” Lyons Goes After CNBC Tech Analyst – Wow, I don’t know if you saw this, but it was good television. Dan Lyons basically goes crazy, but he’s actually calling it like he sees it.

Intel-based Atom Mac Mini to Appear in March – Beware the Ides of March, for they could bring under-powered Mac Minis to the masses. They’d be based on Nvidia’s new Ion platform, which also uses the GeForce 9400M graphics card found in unibody aluminum MacBooks.

“OS X” Getting Trademarked Without “Mac” Before It – OS X. Just OS X. It makes sense, but it’s strange that until now Apple hasn’t found a need to do it. Ars thinks Apple wants to apply OS X to more than just Mac, and they’re probably right. iPhones, right? Perhaps beyond, as well.

“Knife Music” Finally Available After Bad Words Removed – It washed its mouth out with soap, and now it’s made it into the App Store via Apple approval. David Carnoy, the book’s author, decided the censoring required didn’t significantly affect the content of the story. Play me that sweet, censored Knife Music, Carnoy.

Stopwatch App Looks, Works Great – If you can get past the app’s Japanese-only description, this app turns your iPhone and iPod touch into a very effective stopwatch that’s accurate to the 100th of a second. It’s free, too, so the price is right.

One-chip 4G Radio From Infineon Might Make It Into iPhone – It’s called the SMARTi LU, and it’s the first single-chip solution to support Long Term Evolution (LTE) for 4G connectivity. It also supports 3G and 2G/EDGE standards, so it’s backwards compatible. Sounds like a good bet.


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