Apple Replacing 17-inch MacBook Pro Batteries In-Store

specs_battery_17_20081224Apple has posted information about their battery replacement service for the new 17″ MacBook Pro. Their latest notebook released offers a new industry standard in performance (up to 8 hours use on a single charge), but comes at the expense of a user-replaceable battery.

Apple notes that the battery in your MacBook Pro is a consumable item, requiring replacement at the end of its useful life. Replacement of a battery which has been consumed via normal use is not covered under warranty, but if battery life suffers from a hardware defect you will be eligible for a free replacement.

The replacement can be done same-day providing you’ve booked an appointment at your local Apple Store. Mail in options are available, taking 3-4 business days. Apple seems to be making it very easy to swap batteries at the end of their useful life, minimizing criticism for the non-removable battery in their latest professional notebook.

How Much?

Apple has published a simple chart which shows the different price for the battery replacement in different countries worldwide:


The USD price is around $50 more than purchasing a replacement/extra battery for a 15″ MacBook Pro — not a terrible deal considering the extra life which you’ll have benefitted from. The price of the replacement battery includes installation of your new battery and environmentally responsible disposal of your depleted battery.

The battery replacement would seem to be a very simple process, though Apple does note that you should ensure you have a backup of your data and aren’t responsible for any data loss which occurs during the replacement process.


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