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@MidemNet: What Ever Happened To Those ISP Music Plans?

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Last summer’s landmark antipiracy agreement between record labels, ISPs and the UK government seemed to pave the way for a new generation of online subscription music store, operated by ISPs and bundled in with broadband costs…

Three big plans caught our eye in July and August – BSkyB formed a joint-venture company with Amy Winehouse label Universal to kickstart such a project, veteran legal P2P operator Playlouder said it would power similar for another ISP early this year and 7digital said several ISPs had approached it to provide an equivalent service.

But six months on, there’s no sign of anything coming to market. What’s the hold-up? I asked each of the companies…

Sky: Spokesperson: “Although our launch schedule has slipped a little, discussions with a range of major and independent labels are progressing well. We

2 Responses to “@MidemNet: What Ever Happened To Those ISP Music Plans?”

  1. Ad supported or subscription fee "centralised" services like will I think become very popular.

    Why pay for individual tracks/albums when you can have access to a huge library of music (okay, some artists aren't available) available via your pc. If they can make it work via mobiles it'll be even better.