Los Angeles Radio Station Goes Web-Only

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imageThe magazine and newspaper trend of going web-only has now come to radio, as Indie 103.1 , a Los Angeles FM station, is no longer on the dial. The five-year-old radio station stopped broadcasting over-the-air on Thursday, saying that it couldn’t continue surviving playing a mix of alternative and punk on terrestrial radio. It was either go web-only or “play the corporate game,” a statement on the station’s site says, pinning the problems radio faces on the way audiences are measured. Billboard says that’s an allusion to Arbitron’s new radio audience measurement system PPM, which based reports on listeners wearing monitors as opposed to listing radio usage in Arbitron diaries. While a number of stations have been expressing concern about the new measurement regime, Billboard says this is the first station it knows of to have gone strictly digital as a result.

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Your link to the Indie 103.1 site is incorrect (you don't have a colon after the http).

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