Circuit City Calls It Quits, Plans To Liquidate Assets; 30,000 Employees Let Go


imageBig box electronics retailer Circuit City is calling it a day after failing to reach an agreement with its creditors. The Richmond, VA., company is seeking Bankruptcy Court approval to start liquidating the assets of the company. The news comes after one of the worst Christmas season’s for retail in recent memory. About 30,000 employees will lose their jobs and its 567 stores will close. *Blockbuster* had tried to acquire Circuit City last year but the overtures were rejected. Although Circuit City eventually warmed to a deal, going so far as to open up its books to Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI), the talks between the two went nowhere. Release

Staci adds: This isn’t good for anyone — not the consumers, who will have less market choice; the device manufacturers, who will have fewer physical ways to reach people; the producers of games, videos and music, who need adjacency sales; even the big-box competitors, who rely on critical mass to draw consumers to bricks-and-mortars stores instead of online retailers. I’ll admit to a personal bias of sorts — I’ve been shopping for years at my local Circuit City, where they are waiting for word of how the liquidation will be handled. Unfortunately, the stores that aren’t broken are being dragged down by a company that literally has failed.

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Staci D. Kramer

@ Rascalinkov … That was your experience and, on occasion it was mine at some Circuit City stores and at a lot of other big-box stores, but my neighborhood store had more than its share of knowledgeable people willing to take the extra step for you.


Circuit City was a crap store with crap service and stupid customer service policies. They should've closed years ago. Good riddance! It's unfortunate for the employees but many of them knew nothing about the products they sold anyway. They were no better than robotic fast food employees.

Joe Plumber

It normally takes many years for a badly run corporation to fail, but they're allowed to do so because most American corporate boards are full of management shills and sheep . Don't invest in a company with a board unwilling to hold management accountable.


Larry,over 30,000 people loose their jobs and you laugh?
I will miss CC and only wish they hadn't used their dot com division overseas.
I want to talk to Americans that speak English when I call a store.
Just call me old fashion!

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