Who Is Tim Cook & What Will He Mean for Apple?


tablogoBy now you’ve heard that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence from his CEO position, and has named COO Tim Cook as his temporary replacement. Today TheAppleBlog takes a closer look at just who Tim Cook is — and more importantly, what he’ll mean for Apple. Having spent time in executive roles at both IBM and Compaq, Cook has an impressive resumé. And he’s stepped into the CEO post once already, when Jobs was treated for pancreatic cancer. But will he be a strong leader, one that will keep Apple on course? Read more at TheAppleBlog.


Screen Sleuth

I’ve said it before; I think a monkey could run Apple on the course its running, and have no trouble. Cook has run Apple before, as stated, and he’ll do just fine in the meantime.


Who Is Tim Cook & What Will He Mean for Apple? Can he create marketing Hype like Jobs ?


So what’s wrong with Apple? No layoffs?
Which should tell us something.
Every other Me To company lays of 10% (roughly). I don’t even look at the numbers anymore, these companies are so pathetic they even copy the lay off numbers.

I would say what ever their queue is, 6-18mth my guess, in new product development. They will be fine. Google’s first link on “apple layoffs” showed a page from 1990, whoohoo. Can somebody please tell Google what context is, oh forgot they have a CFO who is trained in six sigma, and doing layoffs. Anybody wants to bet that these numbers, including contractors, will be around 10%?

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