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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

It seems like I am always looking for inspiration. In my case, I need inspiration for the many places where I contribute blog content: WebWorkerDaily, Fast Wonder, Shizzow, and others. I work on client projects and need inspiration for ways to solve issues and find innovative new approaches for community building or social media engagement. I manage online communities and help organize events and user groups where I need inspiration to find new and interesting topics of conversation.

While all people and all professions need to find inspiration, it can be particularly tough for web workers, especially those of us operating solo freelancing oe consulting businesses with no coworkers, bosses or others to help come up with ideas. We can sit in a dark room and wait for inspiration to hit us, or we can seek it out. I get most of my inspiration from listening to podcasts, reading, having coffee with smart people and browsing around online.

I was recently talking to Hideshi Hamaguchi here in Portland, Oregon when he mentioned that he was working on a new project. He described it as, “totally different, super simple, but something help people to get inspiration” and offered me a sneak peak. I couldn’t resist. It was an excuse to talk to someone so brilliant that it always makes my head spin after a conversation and learn about a new product focused on inspiration at the same time. This week, the product launched as Lunarr elements.

The concept is very simple. You see one element, a picture or a quote, at a time, and you can move on to the next element whenever you are ready. The elements that show up in your stream are influenced by the people you follow, the other images you like, and additional factors, so each of us has a unique and personal experience.

Lunarr elements

In an interview by Kristen Nicole of Social Times, Hideshi Hamaguchi described the product:

“Elements is a toy for inspiration. It will aid in the first phase of concept building – the moment of inspiration. Elements offers you the room to be inspired without reservation, without limits, and without distractions.”

I like how Bram Pitoyo described his experience with Lunarr’s elements:

“Personally, I liked Lunarr because it allows me to, for just a few minutes every day, flash through numerous elements and freshen my mind. A tired or saturated brain shouldn’t be forced to think any harder, anyway (inspiration always strikes when you least think about it, right?)”

Inspiration strikes each of us in different ways, and we each have a unique experience with finding our inspiration.

What inspires you? How do you find inspiration?

8 Responses to “Where Do You Find Inspiration?”

  1. Interesting post! And I agree with Mika, especially about the time factor. I’m a night thinker :)

    Also, I appreciate creativeworkspictures’ honest comments re inspiration, especially in the face of snide responses by others.

  2. Neither inspirations nor ideas mean much to me because they are just pieces of the puzzle. What’s more interesting to me is how putting ideas together into something more than just a collection of ideas.

  3. Dawn: thanks for the article.
    Marshall: thanks for your inspiration to me.
    Inspiration…. For me, anything can be “inspiration” (=trigger) toward solving problem or my creativity.
    After enough thinking and struggling, it “comes suddenly” (=serendipity).
    I will not be able to know what is it until the moment of a-ha; it may be a picture, product, shape, line, shadow, sound, scent… maybe something on the ground. Because the mind is ready for extracting “the clue” form it.

  4. This is a tough one for me. I can’t say I have it nailed down as to where I find inspiration, other than seeing other folks doing cool things.

    What about the times that you find inspiration? I seem to get inspired around 7-8pm (maybe it has to do with happy hour?) and keep it going until about 2am.