Want High Def support in your Netbook?

nvidia-ionNVIDIA hopes you do want high-definition support in that netbook and just to tease you, they’re showing it off over at Notebooks.com. In the video demonstration, they’re driving a large HDTV from a netbook that pairs an Intel Atom and the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. This is the already announced ION platform of course, and I saw a similar demonstration from AMD with an ATI GPU as well; the HP dv2 was driving a 1080p Blu-Ray disc and it looked incredible. Once I get a review unit, I’ll hook it up to my 60-inch HD set and give you look.

The question remains though: do you want high-def support in your netbook? Actually, the real question is: do you want to pay for it since it’s clearly a value-add feature that will affect the price. This all revolves around the netbook and notebook market in general as well. As features get added to the small devices, prices get pushed up into the standard notebook range. That’s not a problem in and of itself, but perhaps the “netbook” market really is re-defining the notebook market as many of you think. We seem to be heading from the portable, basic tasks a netbook can provide and moving more towards cramming features into small notebooks. Not necessarily a bad thing, but interesting to watch. In HD, no less.


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