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image*Apple* App Store Problems: There’s been a couple of stories about problems with selling stuff on the iTunes App Store, although I don’t think they are specific to that distribution channel. For example, James Bossert was happy that his Whack ’em All iPhone game had 400 new users in one day last week, but that changed when he found that only 12 people had paid 99c for the game — the rest were using a cracked version. I think the person who cracked and released the game had some pretty spurious arguments for what he did (if the apps are crap, why bother cracking them?) but rather than squeal Bossert decided to try try putting ads in his game reports CNet, no verdict on whether it works, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, CrunchGear has a story about Runkeeper, which had to be offered free for a day so as not to upset current users when the developer upgraded the license. Seems like a limited issue, but still. Finally, Offerpal is coming to the iPhone in the next few weeks, which should give another way to monetize applications. MobileCrunch writes: “Offerpal Media thinks they

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