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Control Yourself Gets Seed Round For Microblogging Service

imageTwitter finally gets a business development exec, and now, there’s more investment in the micro-blogging space … Control Yourself, the Canadian startup behind, an open-source micro-blogging stream, has received seed funding from Montreal Start Up. The exact amount was undisclosed, but Montreal Start Up Managing Partner John Stokes told GigaOm that the firm invests between $120,135 (C$150,000) and $320,329 (C$400,000) per deal.

On the company blog, founder and CEO Evan Prodromou said Control Yourself will use the funds to help grow into a monetizable “network of public and private microblogging sites.” Clearly investors are still interested in the space: *eBay* founder Pierre Omidyar just launched Ginx, a startup that lets Twitter users share media links, and Stocktwits, a “stock-picking community” on Twitter, got funded in late December. But recently, a phishing scam exposed high-profile Twitterers like Barack Obama and Britney Spears to hackers — raising the issue of whether companies will feel safe about doing big money deals with Twitter, or any other microblogging platform in the future.