Broadband Content Bits: Al Jazeera-Indie; Gaydar; ITV


imageAl Jazeera: Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera has signed a content partnership to show daily video news bulletins on There will be several two to three minute-long videos uploaded through the day. The deal comes one month after the Indie signed a video syndication deal with France 24. From

Gaydar: Gay personals site Gaydar is to allow members to upload videos to their profiles as well as private videos and community-moderated public video walls. The paid subscription-only site, owned by QSoft, has more than three million members. Via NMA.

ITV: The Office of Fair Trading says that rules banning ITV (LSE: ITV) from raising advertising prices if its audience share falls could be relaxed given the broadcaster’s reduced market position. In a preliminary statement, the OFT says that Contract Right Renewal rules, brought in after the merger of ITV-owned Carlton and Granada in 2003, could be eased because the “detrimental effects of the merger on the advertising market appear to have reduced”, though they “may not have been eroded completely”. ITV welcomed the news. Release.

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