Weezer’s Pork and Beans Funny…the First Time


Hey, Weezer, you know when a friend tells you a joke that’s really funny, and you laugh? And then the next day, they tell that joke again, and it’s slightly less funny? And the next week, they tell the joke one more time, maybe switch up a few words, and sure you laugh, but a part of you is like, dude, learn a new joke already?[show=porkandbeans]

Sorry, Weezer. But that’s exactly what I thought while watching the new version of Pork and Beans. According to Pitchfork, Re: Pork and Beans is an official remix of the video released last May, once again utilizing all our favorite YouTube stars to semi-awesome effect, but with the addition of some more Internet memes (including “I Like Turtles,” Chad Vader, Ask a Ninja, and even a bit of a Rick Roll for good measure), as well as some additional graphics and overlays.

And this might be harsh, but the end result reminds me — in the worst way possible — of what George Lucas did to the original Star Wars trilogy. Much like I never needed to see an extended Oola musical number at Jabba the Hutt’s palace or fireworks in the Coruscant sky, I never needed to see a Darth Vader helmet on the man interviewing Miss Teen USA South Carolina or digital distortion over footage of Kelly coveting shoes.

We liked the original video, and the Internet famous loved you for including them. But guess what? It’s 2009 now and we’re all wondering, Weezer, what else you got? Wikipedia is spreading rumors about a new album planned for this year; maybe by the time you get around to creating new videos for it, there’ll be a whole new realm of memes for you to riff on.

Or maybe you’ll come up with an original premise instead. Fingers crossed.



STFU. The only way the new version could be any better is if they said “The cake is a lie” somewhere in there.


The song was written by Rivers Cuomo as a reaction to a meeting with Geffen executives where the band was told they needed to record more commercial material. Cuomo remarked, “I came out of it pretty angry. But ironically, it inspired me to write another song.” the fact that they came out with another version (just as good if not better) is a huge pimp-slap to the record execs. just for that reason alone its a work of genius

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