Sony Vaio P unboxed already


It didn’t take long for those folks at Akihabara News to get a real Sony Vaio P of their very own.  There’s an advantage for being located in Japan when it comes to Sony stuff.  They have posted a bunch of unboxing photos as they opened up the red Vaio P.



Kasper Hyllested

I want to buy a Sony Vaio P, but for some reason Sony will not be selling it here in Denmark.

A friend of mine is going to Chicago in February and has offered to bring one home. But where should he go to buy it? Could you recommend a store, where it’s plausible, that they will be selling the Vaio P in downtown Chicago, IL?

Michael Lujan

I am officially dubbing this as a “netvertible” form factor…I am a hardcore Intel/Nvidia fan, although intels current lineup all appear to have the same amount of power as this(Where is my effing dual core and my ion?)…I am going to end up spending about the same as I would for this but will unfortunately be getting AMD/ATI at this time in this market. As a greedy power hungry user, I could never get enough power with the sony P and have decided to get a Raon Digital Everun Note….take heed intel and give me some power!!!

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