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Good News: United To Offer Internet Wireless on NY-SF Flights

howgogoworksI was seriously thinking about giving up on United Airlines and my accumulated miles in favor of Virgin America for my transcontinental needs. After all, the idea of getting Internet access — however expensive it might be — when flying back and forth from New York made Virgin more appealing than free upgrades from United. Well, now I don’t have to do that. United will offer Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet access starting sometime in the second quarter of 2009. The service will be available to United customers traveling between New York’s JFK Airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco for a flat fee of $12.95. Gogo is now available on five North American airlines.

9 Responses to “Good News: United To Offer Internet Wireless on NY-SF Flights”

  1. Thomas Whitney

    Time in the air being such a huge constraint for business management, this kind of move is absolutely inevitable to the bottom line. The question I would want to pose first and foremost before I use this service is how well have they thought out digital security? Especially in business, and also in private life, it is a huge concern always.

  2. Interesting, United just launched a bonus miles promo targeted specifically at potential Virgin America defectors, offering up to 7,500 bonus miles for flying on United on select Virgin routes. (From SFO: SAN, SEA and BOS.)

    “Only United offers Economy Plus seating, connections to points around the world, and the rewards of the Mileage Plus program.”

    I remember when Independence Air launched in DC, United went whole hog, even offering RTW trips for people who stuck with United.

  3. Jesse Kopelman


    I agree. My 14″ Thinkpad was very hard to use on an airplane, being much large than the seat back tray. I pretty much replaced it with a Windows Mobile phone for short trips, but that was a poor solution, as WM sucks! If I hadn’t cut back on traveling so much, I was planning to get a 10″ device. I think the convertible form factor is the best for this role, as with the screen folded around it should fit well even with the person in front of you reclining.

  4. I took my first flight on Virgin on the way to CES. Between the friendly staff, great IFE system and coming Internet fleetwide, it’s a great airline. Although their route structure is limited, it hits most of the cities I need to go to domestically.

    Especially with United constantly devaluing Mileage Plus, I was ready to say sionara to United, even as a 1K.

  5. Stacey Higginbotham

    After spending three and half hours crammed into my economy seat on United, internet-access on airplanes is the best argument for smart phones or tiny netbooks ever. There was no way I could work on my computer for any length of time. I could barely open my laptop after the person in front of me slammed her seat back into my knees. Either, everyone heralding this service is flying business class, or I’ve just been stuck behind too many recliners.