Frustration- HP Mini 2140 netbook arrives


I am in San Francisco for the next few days and I just found out that an evaluation HP Mini 2140 netbook is sitting at Mobile Tech Manor waiting to be unboxed.  The 2140 is HP’s refresh of the 2133 with the same aluminum casing and super keyboard.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2140 but alas it is 2,000 miles away.  Here’s a photo of the 2140 to keep us all focused on the new evaluation:




When are you getting back to try it out? HP has just officially launched the Mini 2140 for sale, and I want to read about someone’s hands on experience with it. The different prices are confusing; I see no difference in the specs between the $499 and $649 models. Supposedly the higher resolution netbooks aren’t available yet, so I don’t get why there’s a price difference. Anyway, I am looking forward to your review.

The Wife

Oh, was I not supposed to open that? I thought that was the new computer you wanted to buy for me!

Just kidding!

I miss you. Come home soon!


Nice – 2150, 3G, Pineview. I’m curious what resolution they’ll use on that 11.6″ screen. It’ll be a tight fit though keeping that within the same frame as the 10″ – a heavier, bigger netbook in the 11″-13″ range makes me see the 12″ tx2 as a more appealing (and powerful) choice.


The linked JKK article above also mentions new 11.6″ and 13.3″ mini-Notes coming in the April-June time frame (possibly using Menlow Atom CPUs). I’m OK if HP can fit an 11.6″ display in the same package as the 10″ model, but a larger form-factor “mini-Note” is just a low-end notebook.

Charlie Stross

For me, the high points of the 2140 are the claimed 8-hour battery life (on 6 cells) and the brighter, bigger screen. (Had a 2133; couldn’t get more than 4 hours out of it, and the screen was too small and dim for middle-aged eyes. Add the sluggish processor and, well, I swapped it for an Eee.)

Any chance of a Mini 2140/Vaio P shoot out? ;-)



I know your pain. I once had a tablet arrive the day after I left for a 2 week trip. To make matters worse, UPS left it with my rental office. When I got home, the rental office was closed for 2 days because of a holiday.

I was contemplating burglary!!!


I don’t disagree with you Oliver, I’ve got the 2133 as well, but remember that Pineview is coming out within the next six months, and will already put the 2140 a generation behind. Plus, if added performance is what you really need, then it really makes sense to wait a few more months for the more powerful Pineview platform and run Windows 7 or OS X from there.

I like the 2140 very much, I just feel HP let it out the gate at the wrong time. This should have been available in 2008, or introduced later this year as a Pineview netbook.


@Luscious – there will always be something newer and better. I have the 2133 and would really like something with a bit more horsepower (despite running XP, it’s often rather sluggish). Plus I wouldn’t mind running OS X on it, which with the current 2133 seems not possible.

Mark Ty

So Lucky!!! Wish I had that problem :D

I hope its the one with the high res display! Drool… can’t wait to read your review!


Oliver: I haven’t seen any official announcements, but word in the playground is mid-March for the 1366×768 model. The 1024 x 576 model is reported to list for $529; no word on price for the hi res.


Since I live nearby, I will be glad to drop by Tech Manor and unbox it and set it up properly.
NW Harris County


I wouldn’t get too hyped up about it James – save for a Pineview refresh with Windows 7 later in the year.

Folks who own a 2133 with XP, be happy – the 2140 is not the best yet.


@nomo — did they announce pricing and availability date for the hi res version? (that’s the one I’d want)


I’m looking forward to your review. The 2140 looks to be the best business netbook so far. The only down side is we’ll have to wait two months for the hi res display. Laptopmag published a review last week of a 2140 with 1024×576 resolution.

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