Don't Forget – Independent Contractor 1099 Forms Due Soon


If you run a small business and hire any independent contractors, here is a reminder that the deadline for the processing and sending of your 1099 forms is February 2nd, just a couple of weeks away.  I know from experience in my client work that it can be a tedious and laborious process and is something that most seem to put off until the last minute.

While most accounting software packages like QuickBooks have functionality for tracking these details and printing the forms you need, there are other options available as well.  We’ve covered the PayCycle service in the past as an option for all of your payroll needs but even if you aren’t a current customer, they offer a 1099-MISC E-File service which can help you get these forms mailed out on time.

PayCycle - Print 1099s

The PayCycle process is 3 steps – enter the information online, print the forms  and then e-file with a single click.  You’ll still need to compile the totals and manually enter in the data but it sure beats typing or filling out the forms by hand.  I also like the fact that it prints on plain paper as the forms can be expensive and I know I always mess up the alignment on at least a couple of them.

Until January 27th you can print and file  up to 50 forms for  $25.00.  Get more information or sign up online with PayCycle.

Have you processed your 1099 forms yet?



i worked for a guy who flips houses. i made almost $60,000 with him. he said he does not send 1099s; is this legal? i thought anything over $600 had to be reported by a 1099. i have never heard of not giving one out.


I’ve just spent an hour trying to find a solution to print 1099 forms. This is great. Perhaps you have other websites you could recommend? Thanks.


Wow… I’m glad I happened upon this site. I just started my company in October and I hadn’t thought about 1099 issues. I am using Quickbooks so I’ll have to look into it. Thanks!

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