Daily Apple: Makeover, Market Loss, Marriage, Make-Believe

Marble Interface To Be The New Face of OS X? – According to MacRumors, Snow Leopard could bring a facelift to OS X, one which bring a more consistent look across the operating system. They don’t name their source, but they do cite John Gruber as a corroborating piece of evidence.

Apple PC Market Share Slips to Acer – A drop of 1.5 percent from 9.5 to 8 in the fourth quarter of 2008, as compared to the third quarter, found Apple losing ground to computer maker Acer. Did netbooks have something to do with the slide? Yes. Definitely, obviously, most assuredly.

For Your Wedding? Seriously? – It’s a neat cake, there’s no denying that. The care that obviously went in to such a faithful reproduction is obvious. But is it really the cake you want to have when you’re celebrating one of the most important days of your life? Apparently yes, for some.

Apple Losing Its Education Appeal? – Not the usual news bite, but rather an extended essay on why Apple may lose its position of grace in the education market if it, and the economy, keep going the way they’re going.

Wired Removes Hackintosh Video After Apple Asks – At first, CNET jumped the gun and was calling “Suit!” They haven’t gone that far yet, but Apple did send a letter to Wired asking them to remove the video they’d created detailing how to to turn your netbook into a hackintosh.

4GB iPhone Coming Soon, According to Ever-Imaginative Analysts – It might happen, right? After all, “checks indicate” it. Via the “build rates.” Sounds rock solid to me.