Braving the Elements as a Web Worker

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Over the years here at Web Worker Daily we’ve given you lots of tips on how to be embrace the Internet for personal and professional productivity. Virtual meetings, video conferencing, screen sharing, collaboration software and techniques all to let you accomplish what you need to do from just about anywhere.

I know I certainly feel like I take advantage of every opportunity for efficiency that I am aware of, but sometimes I still need to leave the house or office. And sometimes I need to do it during a blizzard, like the one we are having here in Chicago today.


Sure I have electronic invoicing and payment options available, but I still get checks in the mail that need to go to the bank. I absolutely try to do as much client work as I can remotely, but sometimes I just have to be on site. Some meeting require a face to face, kids need to get to school or daycare, and while we do some shopping online groceries still require a trip to the market (no Peapod in our area yet.)

As much as we try to virtualize, we still need to occasionally venture out in the real world. Unfortunately the world today is cold, gray and under a foot of snow.

How do you stay virtual when the bad weather strikes?

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Heidi W

As long as I have a browser and a PC, I can work from anywhere and get technical support as well. Email, chat, online meetings, remote access and on-demand remote technical support, Google apps, CRM SaaS are some of the key enabling technologies that allow me to connect and do my work virtually in bad weather and good. It’s a great environment to focus on the goals and get work done. People ask, what about the need to meet face-to-face with colleagues and clients? Yes, when I meet up, lots of concentrated information is exchanged and it’s great for kicking off projects, follow up and celebrating milestones–everyone has their individual needs for face-to-face and workstyle so it’s just important to know your own and your teams styles as well and then organize around that. Most days I am virtual with a commute to work once a quarter.

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