Sony Ericsson Pushes Content Sales Through Kiosks

In an attempt to drive more content sales on its handsets, mobile phone maker Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) has launched a new service that lets consumers in Asia download movies, TV series, games and music from kiosks in its retail stores. According to CNET Asia, the new service is part of a licensing partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, and will initially offer 23,000 DRM-free songs, 30 movie titles, four TV series and 25 games. The in-store PlayNow kiosks will let consumers plug in their SE phones, browse for content, download it to their handsets and pay for it. Movies available the same day as DVD releases are priced at $24.99 Singapore dollars ($18.40); TV series and music tracks cost $2.99 Singapore dollars each ($2.20). Music albums start at $19.99 Singapore dollars ($14.72).

Sony Ericsson


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