Visual Voicemail Icon Spotted in Updated BlackBerry Bold Build

BlackBerry Visual Voice Mail

BlackBerry Visual Voice Mail

Nobody seems sure if a Visual Voicemail feature will make it to the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, but somebody has a new OS build that shows an icon for just such an app. The build version is according to IntoMobile. If this is planned for AT&T, the big follow-up question is around a monthly cost. I use Visual Voicemail on my iPhone all the time, but it’s probably not worth more than a buck or two month if I had to pay for it. Of course, I don’t get tons of calls; most of my communication is e-mail. Folks that hear their favorite ring-tone every five minutes get much more value from such a service than I do.

Commenters over at the Boy Genius Report community recommend not waiting for an official Visual Voicemail service. They recommend the free YouMail service, which can encodes your voicemails into .MP3 files and sends them to you via e-mail. You can then view the caller info and listen to your VM on your phone or via the web. I also recommend considering GotVoice, a similar service that I looked into back in 2006. It’s not free, but it does the trick.


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