Cancel MobileMe- lose all your local data

mobileme_logoApple blew it with the MobileMe launch last year and rapidly stepped in and extended the free trial period that many had signed up for.  They kept doing so until recently when they notified those who had not signed on for the paid membership that their trial account would be going away.

Said accounts went away as promised and those who did not disable syncing from their computers soon found that all their local data had disappeared.  It seems that syncing to a closed account was still possible and said sync would replace the local user data with nothing which was now in the cloud store.

Say what?  How can Apple let something like this happen?  I would say that Apple owes a few folks something big time for wiping their data for ending a free trial.  This is Apple’s responsibility no matter how you look at this, user data cannot be destroyed when a free trial of anything ends.  This points out the vulnerability that cloud storage brings when the cloud fights back.

This also makes it clear how important it is to disable syncing on all your computers before canceling MobileMe for any reason.  It seems that the Apple bites back if so.

(via TheAppleBlog)


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