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Confirmed: Yahoo’s Board Picks Carol Bartz For CEO

Update: It’s official: Carol Bartz as CEO is in and Sue Decker is out. More to come.

Original story: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Carol Bartz has been picked by Yahoo’s board of directors to succeed Jerry Yang as CEO and that she has accepted the job. Bartz, executive chairman and former CEO of Autodesk, first emerged as a candidate last week, some two months into the search. A Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) spokesman said he could not comment on whether an announcement is due today.

Update: Bartz wasn’t on anyone’s public short list last November when Yahoo cofounder and CEO Jerry Yang, who was under pressure from the minute he took the post from former chairman and CEO Terry Semel, announced his decision to step down. The last time Yahoo plucked a CEO from the outside, the board went with seasoned entertainment vet Semel — a sign of its interest in media and entertainment, This time, the choice seems to be a Silicon Valley insider but it may not signal anything more than a belief that she has the right management experience, public company background and style mixed with industry know-how to steer a very troubled company that should be more successful than it is. Yahoo does a lot of things right but none of that matters as long as the image is of a company that is flailing.

Then there’s the issue of other top management: while Yang promises to step back, it looks like Sue Decker may well stay on as president. If that is the case, Decker will have survived two CEO changes despite being directly tied to many of the company’s perceived or real failures.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s stock is trading down by about 1.3 percent as the market heads to a close. Kara Swisher, who first reported Bartz as a candidate last week, reports that her sources say Bartz has been approved for the job and has accepted it. From Kara: “One thing is sure: Bartz does know tech, unlike former CEO Terry Semel. And she also knows how to run a company like clockwork, unlike outgoing CEO Jerry Yang, who

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  2. [quote]In taking command of Yahoo, Ms. Bartz "would be a very tough CEO,'' said a high-tech recruiter who knows her well. But "that's what Yahoo needs. They need operational excellence" plus a visionary leader, he continued. "She brings both.'[/quote]

    Makes me wonder as to why the stock went down 2% and if it had anything to do with this news.

    Interesting to see if she will get appointed and how she will do.

    I for one like Yahoo for what they bring to the net so, I hope she'll do fine.