Industry Moves: WaPo Picks Two Managing Editors To Speed Print-Online Newsroom Merger


Two people will share the title of managing editor at The Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) , as the paper tries to tie the print and online newsrooms closer together, WaPo reports. Elizabeth Spayd, a WaPo vet who has served on both sides of the Potomac River that divides the print and digital newsrooms, will oversee the hard-news sections of the paper. She will share the ME role with Raju Narisetti, a former deputy managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, who will be responsible for the feature sections.

The announcement comes just a week after Phil Bennett stepped down as WaPo’s managing editor after four years. Bennett was passed over as editor in favor of former WSJ ME Marcus Brauchli last summer. Narisetti had worked with Brauchli.

Spayd joined the paper in 1988, and has served as editor of since 2007. She worked under Executive Editor Jim Brady, who said he was leaving his post last month. A replacement for Brady is expected soon. More after the jump.

A river between print and online: The separation of the print and online newsrooms — both physically and metaphorically — is something that Spayd, the first woman to hold the ME post at the paper, wants to address. She acknowledged that the two sides have not always worked well together. She told WaPo: “There’s a river between us. Most of the people have not worked in the other person’s medium. But I very much believe we have a terrific website and the bumpy road has gotten a lot smoother in the last couple of years… I’m not Polyannish about it. We have a ways to go.”

Crazy enough to start a newspaper: Narisetti was a founding editor of The Mint, a two-year-old joint print-online pub based in his native India. As for how his background will help ease the paper’s digital divide, he told WaPo: “When you’re crazy enough to start a newspaper in 2007, you rethink a lot of the approaches to it.”

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