In Steve Jobs’ Dreams: Apple Will Own 40 Percent Of The Smartphone Market By 2013


Little-known research firm Generator Research, which also counts Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) as one of its customers, is predicting that in the next four years, Apple will surpass Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and as the largest smartphone company, and that it will own 40 percent of the global market. If you don’t believe it, here’s how they justify it: the report said Apple has “the resources, competencies and motivation to invest in the mobile sector just at the time when the economic climate is forcing many established players in the mobile industry to cut back on product development.” Even more, it said Nokia


William Volk

Nokia needs an App Store.

I mean a REAL App Store. Apple strong-armed the carriers to stay out of application delivery and sales (I think the "we're only doing web apps" initial 'phase' was part of the strategy here).

Try publishing a Nokia app across multiple operators and territories. As a user, the browsing and purchasing experience is also wanting.

Instead Nokia will spend on creating its own games (the budget for the 3D fighter game probabily exceeded $1m) and launch N-Gauge with a few titles.

Nokia has GREAT handsets but simply does not get the implication of a low-friction software marketplace.


"….others should in particular question Apple’s motives"

The last I checked, Apple was a company. Companies have only 1 motive……..Profit.

And 40% market share is not a monopoly. So you can relax now.

Don P.

Frankly who gives a damn? Monoply? WTF about MSFT? Where the heck have you been??? You want me to worry about Apple when MSFT controls basically ALL the worlds computers? Are you high?

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