Consumer Groups Target Mobile Advertising; FTC Complaint Alleges Deceptive Practices

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Consumer watchdog groups the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG) filed a complaint today with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission urging it to launch an

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j. turner

t mobile i went into the store and purchased phones the most expensive because i wanted the best service and the newest phones available so i wouldn't have to upgrade so quickly. I was lied to. I purchased the t mobile shadow phones they assured me that i would be able to go to the internet on these phones only to find out that you are not able to go there after all and to make matters worst the phones started acting up i could not see who was calling me and the numbers they were calling from and eventually i could not use the phone this after 3 weeks i took the phone back to the store and told the manager she said she could not do anything about that i was upset because i had not even had the phone a month and already was having problems meanwhile my sons shadow could not even get the internet at all i complained dailly after 2 weeks more they finally decided t change the phone which they sent me a refurbished phone that still didnot work i immediately called them about it and they told me it did work and i told them if it worked i would not be calling them complaining about the phone and the people calling me and me not being able to hear the phone ring or see their numbers finally after talking to 7 people someone finally helped me and then i hand to buy another phone trhe G1 i paid cash and i had over paid my telephone account also causing credit to be on the flex pay account but they would not use it for my bill i called to speak to someoneone about that and was given the run around again i have been going through this same routine with t mobile for over 6 months now they have my flex pay bill so messd up that they want me to pay $530.37 and i have not even been able to use my phone because it is broke and i called to find out what haappened to my credit and why my bill is so high then they tell me that the phone i returned that they sent me and the manager at thier store checked for me had water damage thats a lie because they had the phone for 3 months and they would have told me then but they sent me the phone AND IT WAS NOT WORKING….. MAYB E BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY DAMAGED. i am so discouraged and i feel lied to cheated and also used because they lied to me to make a sell and they are telling me to pay for service i havent used and because my phone hasn't been working its my fault i need help in this matter i am going to ffnd a way to sue for damages.

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