Online Ad Provider Go Internet Media Gets $10 Million First Round


Ad network and online marketing company Go Internet Media has secured a $10 million first round of financing from U.K.-based PE Firm Kennet Partners. Internet Media runs lead-generation portals (like Free Education Guide) in the secondary ed space, as well as a cost-per-action (CPA) ad network. The Santa Clara, CA-based firm will use the funds to help grow its sales team; and since it doesn’t operate a pure-play, CPM-based ad network, Internet Media may be sheltered from the plummeting display ad rates that have been forecast for this year. Release.



Their specialty is in the education advertising space and recruiting college students for online colleges. and are their brands.

With all the layoffs, people are flocking back to college for retraining. Stocks were up 10% last week alone in the education sector, while all other sectors were down. There is a lot of competition in the education advertising space, lets see if they survive the competition….

Credit Deal

Well, at least it is a nice credit deal they arranged.. But, for what I see of the 'portal' site, $10 mil is a bit much for a sales team.

Looking at their main page, a change of graphics would make a difference already. :) (There $10 mil saved…)

Heck, give me half and I will create the best sales team ever walking this planet.


Let me give you a definition of a Ad Network. If you combine a thousand loser web sites that no one visits… just might get sime numbers.

Ad networks are…how can I say this…worthless. Don't agree with me? I don't care.

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