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What’s On Tap for Hudson iPhone/iPod Touch Gaming in 2009

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I fell in love with Hudson Soft thanks to the Adventure Island series for Nintendo way back in the day. Little did I suspect then that they would live on to be played on a device that I carried around in my pocket, and on which I could also make phone calls. The future is amazing. The immediate future of Hudson Entertainment games on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod platform doesn’t look too shabby either.

They kicked off their 2009 line up with the much anticipated Crayon Physics Deluxe, which got its own fair share of coverage via viral YouTube videos fo the innovative puzzle game in action. Basically, you draw things on the screen using your finger which then become part of the environment, life-like physics included. The goal is to guide a ball to a star, using your drawn objects and devices. It’s available now ($4.99, App Store), but user reviews are reporting some glitches, so buyer beware until an update is made available.

That’s the first of more than 10 titles that are slated for release in 2009. Hudson isn’t being entirely open with which specifically will be Apple-bound, and which will be platform-locked to Android or other mobile devices, but expect at least one more Bomberman game, turn-based strategy via Military Madness (or its sequel, Military Madness 2), and possibly some interesting text-based (like based on text messaging, not a text adventure) gameplay.

I’m still holding for that Adventure Island title. I’d better see Master Higgins on my iPhone at some point in 2009. Preferably with helpful dinosaurs.