Vid-Biz: Flektor, DTV Delay, Conchords

Fox Interactive Media Shutters Flektor; online video editing and slideshow company closed down along with SpringWidgets. (paidContent)

Opponents Pipe Up About Possible DTV Delay; FCC Chair Kevin Martin urges the incoming Obama administration to not push back the transition because it would create more confusion (DSL Reports); and public safety groups want a guarantee that any DTV delay would not postpone their access to the 24MHz spectrum currently occupied by analog TV signals. (Multichannel News)

Flight of the Conchords to Sell Songs After the Show; ditties from the HBO comedy will be available on iTunes the day after they appear on an episode. (MediaWeek)

Carry 100 HD Movies on Your Phone? The SD Association says the postage stamp-sized SD cards will hold 2 terabytes of data in less than five years. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Microsoft Listens Selects Nexidia for Video Search; the internal service provider for customer feedback chose the rich media search and speech analytics company to enable search without transcribing hours of video footage. (emailed release)

Mobile Video Hampered by Lack of Cohesion; consumers are gobbling up video-capable handheld devices, but no video format works across all phones and carriers. (Variety)

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