Google Delivers Tools for Converting Blog Platforms

Do you have a blog for which you’re unhappy with the underlying blogging service? If so, it’s not all that uncommon for the issue to arise. Blogging services play a game of leapfrog with each other, and even major blogs are moved to new platforms from time to time.

With this in mind, Google has just released Google Blog Converters.  It’s an open source project that can take blogs from most popular platforms and convert them to other popular ones.

According to Google: “This project contains a number of converters to and from different blog services. The code is written in Python with scripts to execute the conversions either on the command-line, through a Windows batch script, or hosted on Google App Engine.” There are converters available for Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal, WordPress, and other services. The scripts are released under the Apache 2.0 license.

There is a blog post from Google regarding the project, and there is a ReadMe file that explains how to do the conversions.

As Webware notes, “you’ll have to be proficient in running Python scripts to use the technology,” but because the project is open source, it’s likely that completely automatic converters will follow. I won’t be surprised to see that happen quickly. If you’ve had your eye on a new blogging platform, you may want to take note and follow the project.