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Evolution of Dance 2 Is Here

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Evolution of Dance 2 has finally — finally — been released. After a long gestation, during which he dealt with song clearances, sponsorships and hosting (back story here), inspirational speaker Judson Laipply has put out the sequel to his chart-topping Evolution of Dance snap-shot tour of dancing styles through the ages.

What’s the new video like? Well, pretty much the same like the old one. Laipply dances on stage in a spotlight for a college audience in his signature Orange Crush shirt, to an all-new medley of songs.

Laipply told The Today Show that the bit was shot on multiple cameras, including one in HD, but he ended up preferring the grainy, single shot.

“I actually cut out some frames and kind of gave it a little grainier look so it looks a lot more like the first one. I think that is really important. Especially from user-generated content, people don’t want overproduced-looking videos.”

At least Laipply’s new sponsors at PeopleJam and Saveology left well enough alone with his dancing and didn’t egregiously insert their logos, as they did with a promotional, personalizable version of the dance released last month. But the video is hosted on a brand-new YouTube account, with no linking between it and Laipply’s. In its first three days up, the video has gotten only 150,000 views — though I think 100,000 of those are fresh since I opened it up this morning, so things are surely accelerating after the weekend.

Also available alongside the video are an IBeatYou dance-off with a $5,000 prize and a sweepstakes for a smart car.

10 Responses to “Evolution of Dance 2 Is Here”

  1. It’s great that someone has figure out a way to build a career off of a YouTube video, but Evolution of Dance 2.0 only shows that Laipply didn’t learn anything from the experience. Instead of uploading his sequel online for the world to see, he instead chooses to leverage big media for his launch? Probably a good way to get more eyeballs, but it dillutes the power of his story. If his videos are any good, he should be able to consistently produce hits through his online channel, but by depending on a TV show exclusive, Laipply demonstrates a lack of confidence for how well viral traffic would respond to his latest clip. It’s great that there are risk takers out there creating great content, but this seems like a pretty weak way to reward the fans of his first video.

  2. Actually, I put the video up on Friday on YouTube but marked it “private”, and only made it public late Sunday evening, with publicity starting on the Today Show this morning. As of 1/12/09 at 1pm, it’s showing 351,11, so it’s a rocket! Tim, give me a call if you want some numbers…