Daily Apple: LG, CES, Q1, Win7 VM


Will $500 Million LG Deal Pay Off in New Screens Soon? – By now, you may have heard of the extremely lucrative $500 million dollar deal Apple recently struck with Korean electronics heavyweight LG. That deal most definitely includes LCD screen panels, but it’s not yet clear what for exactly.

CES to Get Apple Area, But Will They Get Apple? – The cat’s out of the bag in terms of CES having a dedicated Apple area at the 2010 trade show, but will Apple make an appearance, as rumored? Macworld doesn’t think so, and they have reasons beyond sour grapes for thinking so.

Q1 Financials Call Set for Jan. 21 – If you’re an Apple investor, analyst, or just obsessed with any and all related information, you’ll want to clear your schedule for the 21st, because that’s when they’re holding their earnings call.

Don’t Lose Hope: New Products Often Drop on Heels of Macworld – I know at least one person who was disappointed with this year’s Macworld keynote: me. I had my heart set on new Mac Mini models, and although I wouldn’t buy one just yet, new iMacs would’ve been fun. Check out why All Things Digital thinks I may still be in luck.

Rhapsody Muscling In on iTunes’ Territory – Music subscription service Rhapsody thinks its model is better than Apple’s, and they’ve just expanded their potential user base further to prove it. Maybe Apple will finally give the subscription system another look?

Windows 7 on the MacBook – James Kendrick took his MacBook for a walk on the Windows side and lived to tell about it. He was running the new Windows 7 public beta in a virtual machine on an aluminum MacBook and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll let you know if I’m as lucky on Boot Camp.


Bruce A

I got Windows 7 up and running via Boot Camp on my MacBook, one of the original 1.83ghz Core Duo models. Ran great, and it even had the Aero Glass UI. Of course it swallowed up half of the 20gb partition I made for it, but what can you do? I didn’t have to install the Boot Camp drivers for it to properly recognise my video card (the execrable Intel GMA950), either. I was also pleased to note that for the first time ever a version of Windows correctly ascertained that I DO have an external monitor, and allowed me to span the desktop across both displays.

It’s clear that Microsoft has a lot to learn about dealing with multiple displays, but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for them to buy a copy of Leopard and make some adjustments between now and whenever Windows 7 ships. :)


CES c’est passé … Apple is beyound las vegaas. I can’t think of one important or memorable product announcement from CES…. oh except for the Zune .. zune zune zugone

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