CES Wrap up- where oh where was Android?

asus-booth1Today is travel day as we leave the pretend world of Las Vegas and head back to the real world.  We’ll be offline and in the air for much of the day but meanwhile I’ve thrown together a bit of a wrapup of the big CES 2009.

Netbooks were definitely the big item as CES this year but we expected that.  Almost everybody makes one and the rest plan to make their own.  The little notebooks were everywhere and due to the low prices of them they are not going away any time soon.  The Sony Vaio P appearance was big news at CES and while not a netbook it is a “tweener” device that piqued a lot of interest at the show.

On the smartphone front things were quiet with the obvious exception of the Palm Pre.  The introduction of the new smartphone from Palm was the biggest buzz-maker at the show and put the only life into the smartphone arena that we saw.  Palm needed a transfusion of excitement in their world and the Pre has definitely provided it.

The rest of the smartphone world at CES was dead silent.  There were no new Windows Mobile phone announcements, handset maker displays were just more of the same.  Nokia showed some new stuff but it was largely variants of existing stuff and no one was walking around the show floor talking about them.  It’s as if Palm sucked the wind out of the smartphone world for everyone else.

The biggest surprise for me at the CES was the total lack of anything Android.  There were no new handsets presented, none announced, just dead silence.  The handset makers working on Android phones may be waiting for the Mobile World Congress in February to make their move but it was surprising to not see a single Android phone appear at CES.  It unsettles me a bit as I have predicted on the latest MobileTechRoundup show that I expect to see at least 12 Android phones appear this year.  Android could give Palm a run for its money with new handsets so they’d better get busy.


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