Sprint Launches Push-To-Send Location Service

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Sprint (NYSE: S) has launched NextMail Locator for its Nextel Direct Connect customers, which lets them push-to-send their location, date, time and voice observations to a dispatcher, call center or another field worker. The location can be the GPS coordinates, physical street address and an interactive map. Unlimited use is $19.99 on top of the customers’ monthly plan including Nextel Direct Connect, so it seems to be aimed squarely at business users, but it’s easy to see how popular this could be with people uploading to social network sites if it becomes more widely available, especially if video were added. At CTIA Sprint said that it plans to offer new features on the push-to-talk system such as the ability to push-to-send photos and other content, and this could be the first step in that. Release.

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This is really a great service. What the article doesn't say:
* You can send to a group of people all at once,
* Your voice message goes along with the location (voice observation sound a bit like this might be used by bird watchers – could be but there are far more applications)
* The message arrives in an email queue, making it very managable and structuring the downstream work.
* Eliminates users having to describe where they are (this can be a challenge for many)

And, if the pricing were worked, it could be a great family service. The nice thing here is that it's focused on *reporting* not tracking. Not big brother-ish.

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