Industry Moves: Motricity Names Four New Execs, Including New President/COO


Bellevue, Wash.-based Motricity, which provides infrastructure to wireless carriers, has appointed Jim Smith to the role of President and COO; Richard Leigh to the position of SVP and General Counsel; Deepak Dhawan as SVP of Solutions and Services and Abe Danzinger as VP of Sales and Engineering. In the case of Smith’s appointment, he is replacing former president and COO Steve Elfman, whose departure to work at Sprint (NYSE: S) Nextel spurred a lawsuit between the two companies. Release.

COO Jim Smith: Smith will be responsible for Motricity’s market expansion and day-to-day execution across all company functions. For the past six years, Smith served as a senior executive at Avaya, and before Avaya, worked as COO and Co-Founder of Vector Development, an e-commerce operating company.

SVP and General Counsel Richard Leigh: Leigh will be responsible for all legal and regulatory matters. Previously, Leigh served as EVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Cell Therapeutics, and worked as VP and General Counsel to Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc.

SVP Deepak Dhawan: Dhawan will be responsible for leveraging Motricity’s mCore Platform to deliver services to operators and content providers. Previously, Dhawan served as a senior marketing exec at RealNetworks (NSDQ: RNWK) and spent five years at AT&T (NYSE: T) Mobility, where he held executive roles in corporate strategy, marketing and network business planning.

VP Abe Danzinger: Abe has served in executive roles at Informix Software, Hyperion Solutions, Amdocs, and most recently as SVP, Services at Avolent. He will be responsible for driving growth in the sales organization and building a global team that is focused on quality, solution sales and services.


Not a chance

@ commenter – if he's smart it will only hasten his departure. As long as Wuerch is at the top, "smart" guys are not tolerated. I give smith 1 year…tops. Mark my words


I don't know about the rest of the team, but new COO Jim Smith is a smart, smart guy.

If he thought it was a good idea to come to this company, then you can bet he will straighten it out and do a great job there. He is a no-nonsense Senior Executive.

(and no, this is not Jim Smith ;) )


@ hmmmm – nope, RW not getting pushed out (of course he should be, but he is not). Remember the orgchart with RW and the elf on it? From now, RW will have the same luxury again – change elf for Smith, etc. Luxury, because it means RW can stay away from any day-to-day biz if he wants to.
Can you imagine RW would like to stop working on strategy?
More sr departures coming soon…

Dumbing down

and how are these guys more qualified then the previous executives that they've chased away???….oh wait….Wuerch management principles in place…bring in people dumber than you…ok makes total sense now.


Guys, did you do any research on the company before you went to the interview? You might want to stay in touch with that executive recruiter.


Looks to me like RW is getting pushed out. After this team of experienced, educated, accomplished fellows joins, what's left for him to do? Reads like the "president" role actually does everything you'd expect of a CEO, except for MAYBE strategic stuff, but the Mo's got to be more focused on survival than strategy right now. Do we see Icahn's hand in all this?


I'm not sure what could save Motricity at this point, but I'm pretty sure it's not more suits. Have these folks met Wuerch?

Death Pool

This a perfect time to start the Motricity Executive Death Pool.

I give Smith 6 months before he gets fired or gets tired of Ryan's antics.

Buy In Bulk

They must have gone to ExecuMart and got a year-end clearance deal on a new executive team. Savvy move Motricity.

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