Fox Interactive Media Shuts Down Flektor, SpringWidgets


Fox Interactive Media (NYSE: NWS) is closing its tool-and-storage Flektor site and Atlanta-based SpringWidgets, cutting at least two dozen jobs. Some of the Flektor employees may find jobs at MySpace, according to a source close to the company. The SpringWidgets employees don’t have that option. The closings “was based on a strategic decision on how best to integrate the (Flektor) technology into MySpace” while the SpringWidgets closure “was part of a reorganization of resources in the application and widget development areas within FIM and MySpace.”

SpringWidgets was launched by FIM Labs with fanfare in late 2006. It was FIM’s first API, first developer platform, and first outreach to the dev community.

TechCrunch, which published first, has more here.


Don Synstelien


This is Don (formerly) from SpringWIdgets.

Actually, the SW team was invited to interview for positions at MySpace, but MySpace is apparently no longer offering moving packages to anyone, so any costs will be on the individual.

If anyone is interested in a team or individual developers specializing in R&D and large platform development, please contact me through facebook.

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