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24-inch LED Cinema Display Gets a Little More Touchy-Feely

thumbprintLeopard may not have quite the level of touchscreen integration as Windows 7 appears to be packing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those out there who would appreciate having one for their Mac. We can probably cry out for a tablet till the cows come home, and not be rewarded any time soon, unless you’re willing to go third-party. Today we receive yet another third party option, for those who want to get their desktop touch on.

I’m talking about Troll Touch‘s integrated touchscreen for the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display. The 24-inch display, you’ll recall, came to us via the same October Apple event that introduced the new line of unibody aluminum notebooks, and uses the new Mini DisplayPort video connection standard that Apple will be adopting across their entire line of computers. It can also power and act as a USB hub for your Apple notebook.

Troll Touch’s touchscreen system uses USB power to drive the analog resistive touchscreen, which can be used with fingertips, gloves, or a stylus (as opposed to, say, the capacitive touchscreen of the iPhone, which requires fingertip interaction). The screen is an overlay, and does not significantly alter the look of your hardware. If you want the total package, it retails for $2299, but if you have your own 24-inch display already, a mere $1399 will have you fondling your monitor in no time.

Not one to discriminate, Troll Touch also offers similar solutions for your iMac, MacBook (13″), or any of the other existing Apple Cinema displays. Prices are all sort of expensive, but if you’re the type that really needs this sort of thing, then you’re probably willing to pay.

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  1. rickdude

    > that doesn’t mean there are those out there who would appreciate having one for their Mac.

    Do you mean that no-one using a Mac is interested in touchscreens?