Weekend Vid Picks: Fake MacWorld and Real CES Coverage,

Every year, MacWorld and CES fall on the same week in January, and every year that week causes an explosion of gadget demos and tech gossip on the blogosphere. (New Years’ Resolution #4: come up with new, less annoying term for “blogosphere.”)

The Onion News Network stole a lot of MacWorld’s thunder early on, continuing the trend of satirizing Apple tech culture with this video heralding the announcement of the MacBook Wheel, which went crazy viral in part because many people thought it was a real announcement from the San Francisco-based conference.
Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

But then we got down to the actual events, video coverage for which had the following two challenges: do it fast and make it interesting. Unfortunately, that meant a real dearth of sharp coverage from MacWorld (which only lasted four days and lacked serious news from Apple) — but plenty of good video coming out of CES.

Gizmodo’s coverage from CES, while unembeddable, had some definite highlights — including this year’s video prank (admittedly a little less hardcore than last year’s black hat masterpiece).

And Boing Boing TV was where the real fun was, treating the event more like Nerd Slumber Camp/Gadget-Thon than the PR marketing blitz CES often seems to be from outside the Vegas city limits. (Though this feature on the Sony VAIO-P is damn sexy.)

Sure, there’s plenty of livestreaming options for CES coverage — but the secret is, as always, to make us non-conference attendees as jealous as possible that we can’t be there. And that’s something a well-edited three minutes can accomplish much more effectively than a uStream feed. Any other good ones I missed? The comments are an excellent place to share them.

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