Sony VAIO P Manhandled on Video

We finally found the right time to get over to the Sony VAIO kiosk, so here’s a short, 11-minute preliminary hands on with the P. Very first, limited impressions: this is a well designed device. The P certainly doesn’t feel like 1.4-pounds when you hold it; it feels far lighter. I guess we’re all used to carrying 2.5- to 5-pound devices. ;) It’s definitely pocketable, but not in any pants I own. The P should fit nicely within an inside jacket pocket, though.

Most amazing to me is how thin the lid and display are, which we show in the vid. There’s really no flex either. The keyboard is reminiscent of the chiclet-style keys on my MacBook. Definitely usable, but tracking nub may take some getting used to. I wasn’t thrilled that the camera is off to the side; I had hoped that Sony somehow designed it with a small tilt so you could sit centrally. Nope. We didn’t check the DPI settings, but text was quite readable. It’s sure to be a stretch for some folks, but for some, it beats having to scroll every few seconds.

Clearly, this is a nice device. Nice enough for $899 or more? That’s a tough call and one we can’t make with out spending more quality time. Before I forget: as I was working the camera (and getting jostled around), I thought the Sony P had HDMI out. Sleep deprivation has set in as I was obviously wrong. That’s the multi-purpose port for an external display and Ethernet. Best part of the vid? The guy who was trying to hone in on the device so he could take video too. Listen and you’ll hear what I mean… take a number, dude! ;) We’ll get a link to the higher quality video shortly.

Update: the high-def version of this video can be seen here.


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