Scuba Cam Takes HD Vids for $215


Written by Max Bloom.

A 20-foot great white shark came at you while you were diving, and your friends want evidence. Good thing you had along your Liquid Image underwater digital camera mask. Liquid Image’s latest offering, a diving mask that records HD video in 720p/30fps and can capture 5-megapixel stills, was introduced this week at CES 2009.

The HD Series camera mask allows scuba divers to take underwater HD video and photos hands free, and it’s certified to a depth rating of 115 ft. To use the mask, the diver lines up crosshair marks on the mask with the object then presses the capture button. LED lights inside the viewing area indicate whether the camera is in still or video mode. The mask is powered by four AAA lithium batteries; that amount of power is estimated to be sufficient for 2000 stills or two hours of video.

Liquid Image previously offered a snorkeling version of the mask, certified to 15 ft., that records in 20fps VGA. At the other end of the scale, the company offers the Pro HD350 model certified to 330 ft, with specs identical to those of the HD Series mask. Professional videographers have been capturing the mysteries of the deep for years using expensive waterproof housings. With a projected MSRP of $215, Liquid Image’s HD Series camera mask brings that capability to the vacationing masses.

See the video embedded above for a product tour from the CES floor in Las Vegas.

Max Bloom is a television cameraman and journalist who writes frequently about new trends in digital media.



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Мог бы долго с вами спорить на эту тему :)

David Spark

OK, that is unbelievably cool and I’m way impressed at how low they priced it. Usually when they slap a video camera on top of some other object they double or triple the price because they assume that the elite audience (in this case divers), will pay for it. But these devices are priced at the same cost of the Flips.

I saw they had some video on their site but the still images aren’t working.

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