CES live- what I like so far

palm-pre1The CES 2009 is still going although it’s obvious today that a lot of attendees have had enough and are not attending today.  Kevin and I will be seeing a few things today that we’ve got on our short list of things we must see first-hand.  I thought it would be a good idea to share a brief list of what gadgets have impressed me most so far here at CES.

Palm Pre– Kevin and I were both very impressed how smooth Palm has made working with the Pre.  It feels nice in the hand and while it’s too early to tell if the Pre can save Palm it’s definitely a gadget that has impressed me here at the show.

Novatel MiFi– this credit card-sized 3G router made an impression on us when it was first introduced and seeing it in person at the show has not changed that.  There is something totally cool and useful about a tiny gadget that once you turn it on you have an instantly connected hotspot no matter where you are.  In a coverage area anyway.

Sony Vaio P– it is no surprise to find this on my short list.  I haven’t had any hands-on time yet but Sony has done a good job with the design of the P.  I like the fact that the keyboard is touch-typable and the build quality looks pretty decent.  We’ll have to see if the screen resolution is to high to comfortably work with. That may drop it off my list.

HP dv2 notebook– seeing how thin and light this 12-inch notebook really is impressed the heck out of me even though it’s not a netbook.  It’s not much bigger than a netbook and it’s light enough to carry around with ease.  The $699 starting price is very nice considering it has a powerful AMD processor and discrete graphics, unlike netbooks.

Pogoplug– this little box is so useful that it’s amazing no one thought of this before.  You plug any USB hard drive into the Pogoplug and it is instantly accessible from the web.  It has full security and multiple drives daisy-chained are also accessible.  Very cool.


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