"Strange Light" Destroys Wind Turbine: UFO?!


turbine-mangledWind energy company Ecotricity has launched an investigation into what caused blades to spontaneously snap off one of its wind turbines in Lincolnshire, England, last weekend. UK health and safety inspectors say a collision did not occur, and Ecotricity says it has not ruled anything out. But local residents say they saw “strange flashing tentacle-shaped lights” the night of the turbine destruction — so you do the calculation: Bright light + farmland + mysterious mangling = UFO!

Or not. Wind turbines, like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe, do occasionally malfunction. A Vestas Wind Systems’ turbine self-destructed just over a year ago in Denmark (we have the video here), and the Industrial Wind Action Group has documented at least 35 instances of wind turbine failures in the last few years. Make that 36.



They fail to mention they never found the turbines missing blade.


you are all dumb
the aliens
think we are building them
to destroy them
the windturbines look like
alien objects themselves
so of course the et are
gonna come down and knock one out
to see if its gonna retaliate

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