Slacker for iPhone: Free, but No Cached Music



Slacker on iPhone

Here I thought the Slacker folks were all done at CES, since they outed their free edition for BlackBerry devices yesterday. Nope, they’ve got another platform in the works, although it’s not available just yet. Dave Zatz cajoled the Slacker team to open up their loose lips: they’ve got a working iPhone client coming as early as today to the App Store.

Nice arm-twisting Dave: you got news on a secret project and all we got was the standard show on a BlackBerry. ;) Heck if Slacker could cache hours of music for offline use on my iPhone, I’d download it ASAP. Unfortunately, no dice on Apple’s platform: you need to be connected, just like Pandora. I’ll give it a closer look when it hits, but I’m not sold on switching audio clients  just yet. My gut says that Apple won’t allow for cached music in an app like this. Pity.


Ron P.

So proud to have a Montgomery County MD resident out their showing how the Art of Social Engineering is done!! Keep it up Dave, you make us proud!!!


Kevin as 2.5 million people try to grab their 2.6GB copy of Windows 7 this afternoon (that’s 6.5 peta bytes) we’ll all be wanting offline cloud computing…

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